Khapad National Park
Khapad National Park

‘stepping in another world like experiences’ The western part of Nepal has remained largely unexplored due to its challenging topography and harsh climate. As a result, the region's cultural and natural beauty remains untouched, offering visitors a chance to experience a world unlike any other. Among the many wonders of this region, Khaptad stands out for its stunning landscapes, lakes, flora, and fauna, where time seems to stand still.
How to get there Khaptad is located in the Sudurpaschim province and touches the districts of Doti, Bajura, Bajhang, and Achham. It can be accessed by bus from Kathmandu via Attriya Chowk in Kailali district, by air to Dhangadi and a 9-hour drive to Silgarhi Bazar, or by crossing over from India at Gadda Chowki or Mahendranagar. The national park is known as a living garden and natural museum, home to 224 species of medicinal herbs and 567 species of flowering plants, as well as 270 species of birds and a variety of animals, including barking deer, wild dogs, boars, monkeys, and Himalayan black bears.
In addition to its natural beauty, Khaptad also holds spiritual significance as the home of Khaptad Baba, a famous ascetic who spent many years in solitude, contemplation, and meditation at the park's hermitage. The site remains an important pilgrimage destination for spiritual seekers and meditative souls.


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Khapad National Park

Khapad National Park is a protected area in Nepal known for its diverse landscape and abundant wildlife, including endangered species such as rhinos and crocodiles. It is also home to many ancient temples and artifacts.